Our Commitment to Sustainability

At The Little Marionette, we take a holistic approach to sustainability and have stepped up our commitment beyond the environmental sense of the word. Through our every move as a company, we continuously re-evaluate our supply chain from farm to consumer.

Sourcing Practices

From India to Central America, Indonesia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, we work closely with exporters to up the ante on social responsibility. Whether it’s partnering with female producers to gain financial independence or ensuring coffee pickers have access to free medical checks, we’ve worked hard to establish a supply chain with real longevity in mind. As a company, it’s also our mission to respect the environment and leave only footprints and happy coffee memories.


Everything with our Marionette blue has to mean green, so we’ve developed packaging solutions that have zero impact on the environment. From biodegradable takeaway cups and lids, supporting reusable KeepCup initiatives and organizations like a Plant a Tree that give back to our environment, we’re committed to the future of the coffee industry and ensuring everyone can enjoy a cup of coffee for many years to come.

Future Initiatives

We are continually researching greener initiatives such as:

• Converting our roasters from natural gas to renewable energy sources
• Compostable mailing bags
• Removing all plastics (packing tape, bags, etc.) from production and the warehouse floor
• Biodegradable corn-starch liners in place of plastic
GrainPro bags green beans currently arrive in


The Little Marionette have teamed up with C2Zero to do something big. Stop the world's big polluters. With coffee? Yep. But mostly, what we’ve attached to it, virtually.

We have attached 450g of emissions allowances to every Little Marionette cup which features the C2Zero brandmark. Emissions allowances are like ‘permission slips’ for big polluters. They need this kind of permission to keep polluting on a mind-blowing scale.

Instead of using them to pollute, C2Zero locks them (emissions allowances)  away in our virtual carbon vault – CEDO – where they can never be used by big polluters. Or anyone. Ever.

That’s how  The Little Marionette is making a big difference. So if you are holding a specially marked cup, scan the digital fingerprint at scan.c2zero.net to claim your carbon and enjoy every sip.

Check out how else you can help C2Zero take on big polluters at c2zero.net or follow us as we take on the big bad guys.

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